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THE DEN DBA Unwind & Design Creative Studio is a Female Chicana Artist led Arts and Crafts studio,  Online Art Gallery,  Art themed events Studio. Our internship programs offer a chance for artists to receive 1 on 1 experience in what it takes to run an art studio like ours and assist them with potential success as an artist. 


We are looking for aspiring artists and arts professionals who want art themed work experience or want to spend some time working in an art studio. Our Studio  offers college credit in exchange for internships; this must be arranged and approved by the intern and their school. We also accept individuals who are not current students or do not need credit, but who are interested in being part of the active contemporary arts community in

The Imperial & Mexicali Valley. 

One of the many strengths of our program is offering the interns is experience and multiple networking opportunities in the contemporary art scene and helps them to connect with other artists and arts organizations in the Imperial Valley / Mexicali Community.


 Potential experiential opportunities include online & Physical exhibition installation, assistance in research, curation, installation, and documenting exhibitions and events, working directly with U&D / The DEN  artists, assistance in grant-seeking, marketing and outreach, networking opportunities, community outreach, website design, working with local vendors and artists in all artistic genres , booth set ups and more. 

 The artist will gain skills, knowledge and experience in what it takes to create art themed events and how to promote themselves and their work as artists. 


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