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Welcome the Massey's Studio!

A family of artists whose focus is to bring community enrichment through art themed programs, by creating physical and online art galleries, cultural diverse performance galleries, and finding ways to bring the artistic community together by collaborative projects through our larger studio space The Den 

Our goal is to shine the light on a vital part of our valley and its creatives in all their forms. Being creatives ourselves we see and feel the need to dream, create & inspire. We strive to make activities surrounding our intentions to improve the the stigma or lack of attention artists receive. 

Our valley is rich in culture, color and personality, we to hope to create an epicenter of creativity so that it may be a catalyst to what our artistic potential as a community can be.


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Kimberly Alfaro Massey -

Kimberly Alfaro Massey stands as a beacon in the expansive realm of artistic expression, transcending conventional boundaries to embody the essence of a dynamic force within the cosmic tapestry of the arts. More than an artist, she is a visionary owner of an art studio, a discerning gallerist, and an inspiring instructor, weaving her intricate tapestry across an array of styles, aesthetics, and mediums. Kimberly, a true colorist, deftly navigates the vibrant strokes of oil, the bold gestures of acrylic, the delicate whispers of watercolor, and the nuanced textures of charcoal and airbrush, creating a symphony of visual experiences that dance with the spirit of innovation.

Her artistic journey, initiated by selling art in her high school years, has blossomed into a multifaceted narrative that extends beyond the visual arts, embracing the realms of writing, photography, and singing. Kimberly's rise to prominence finds its roots in her college years, a transformative odyssey where her immersion in the local art scene became a captivating journey. From omnipresent showcases in galleries to active participation in local art walks, she cultivated a network of like-minded individuals, shaping the trajectory of her artistic voyage.

A pivotal moment arrived when Kimberly assumed the role of Director of the City of El Centro's "House of Cultural Arts," orchestrating binational agreements and metamorphosing the Old Post Office Pavilion into a vibrant cultural hub from 2016 to 2020. During this transformative tenure, she curated over 15 galleries, orchestrated 60 artistic programs, and showcased an array of local creatives, seamlessly bridging the gap between emerging and seasoned artists. Responding to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kimberly adapted with resilience, opening Unwind & Design Creative Studio / The Den. Here, she cultivated a nurturing environment that allowed artists to thrive, offering lessons for all ages and abilities.

As an instructor for two school districts, three schools, and numerous valley entities, Kimberly imparts her vast knowledge to over two thousand  students monthly, fostering artistic growth through both in-person and distance learning. Her studio is not merely a haven for commissioned art; it is a vibrant nexus for collaboration, networking, and the expansion of artistic perspectives. Kimberly's commitment extends beyond the studio, hosting community art markets, open mics, and providing a space for artists to dream and create art-themed events. Through her inclusive approach, she has worked with local artists, contracting them to teach their skills in the studio. Kimberly Alfaro Massey's artistic journey is not only a testament to her exceptional talent but also a profound inspiration, demanding respect and catalyzing a surge of creativity within the hearts of fellow artists.

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-Alan Parke Massey -

Alan Parker Massey, a luminary artist hailing from Imperial, emerges as a captivating force in the kaleidoscope of creativity. With a profound passion for storytelling, Alan's artistic journey unfolds as a rich tapestry, interwoven with various mediums such as writing, cinematography, acting, and painting. Each stroke of his brush, each word on paper, and each frame on film becomes a brushstroke in the portrait of his unique and imaginative narrative.

As a fervent participant in both short film and theatrical productions, Alan transcends conventional boundaries, exuding a cinematic flair that reflects the vibrant and unpredictable essence of life. Beyond the realms of the screen and stage, Alan seamlessly dons the hats of an amateur film critic and a discerning photographer, capturing ephemeral moments with an artist's eye. A true maestro of artistic instruction, he derives joy from sharing his skills, offering lessons in painting, niche comics, drawing, and acting, creating an environment where aspiring artists can flourish. Notably, as a co-owner of Unwind and Design Creative Studio, Alan transforms the space into a dynamic hub for expression, utilizing it for artist podcasts, productions, and lessons. His studio becomes more than a physical space; it is a haven where creativity converges, and Alan's collaborative spirit inspires individuals to believe in the boundless possibilities of their artistic potential.


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