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Welcome to our Studio!

A family of artists whose focus is to bring community enrichment through art-themed programs, by creating physical and online art galleries, culturally diverse performance galleries, and finding ways to get the artistic community together through collaborative projects through our larger studio space, The Den 

We aim to highlight a vital part of our valley and its creatives in all their forms. As creatives, we see and feel the need to dream, create & inspire. We strive to make activities surrounding our intentions to improve the stigma or lack of attention artists receive. 

Our valley is rich in culture, color, and personality; we hope to create an epicenter of creativity so that it may be a catalyst for what our artistic potential as a community can be.

Art Studio Owners - Kimberly & Alan Massey 


Kimberly - Fine Arts Instructor
Alan - Teater, Writing, Painting 


Meet the Team

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