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Interesting Objects to Draw "Food"

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

FOOD Food is not normally my favourite subject matter to sketch and I think it lends itself better to coloured mediums. But I’ve included ideas and photos below that I think would make terrific sketches or full blown drawings in pen, pencil or charcoal.

1  Orange peel and segment (make this photo black and white and look at all those interesting values for you to shade) or this orange cut in half with the knife at the side

2  Breakfast cereal and milk (keep the cereal flakes loose and sketchy to save time - focus on getting the shape of the milk container right)

3  This burger with a knife through (really interesting textures here and with the lighting you could go as sketchy or as detailed as you like)

4  A pair of bell peppers with dramatic lighting (great practice for looking at values - make the photo black and white if it helps you)

5  Peas in a pod (don’t dismiss the simplicity of this image - I can see a really interesting and quite easy going drawing from this)

6  close up of a single raspberry (this would make a good exercise for looking at reflected light, highlights and shadows and if you used a charcoal or very soft graphite pencil, it wouldn’t take long)

7  A husk of corn (no need to draw every corn kernel - the trick here is drawing a few to tell the viewer what they are looking at and then giving an loose impression of the rest)

8  And here’s a shot of broccoli in stark lighting. creating the tonal values in the stalks is a good exercise in itself. or you could go in quite dark with the broccoli florets then practice your skills with a putty eraser by pinching it to a point and lifting out highlights to create shape and form.

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