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A R T   S T U D I O   O W N E R S


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Welcome the Massey's Studio!

A family of artists whose focus is to bring community enrichment through art themed programs, by creating physical and online art galleries, cultural diverse performance galleries, and finding ways to bring the artistic community together by collaborative projects through our larger studio space The Den 

Our goal is to shine the light on a vital part of our valley and its creatives in all their forms. Being creatives ourselves we see and feel the need to dream, create & inspire. We strive to make activities surrounding our intentions to improve the the stigma or lack of attention artists receive. 

Our valley is rich in culture, color and personality, we to hope to create an epicenter of creativity so that it may be a catalyst to what our artistic potential as a community maybe me. 

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Kimberly Alfaro Massey -
I am a 33 year old female art studio owner, gallerist and instructor.I consider myself a colorist and I work with a wide variety of styles, aesthetics and mediums: Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Watercolor, Airbrush, Oil pastels, just to name a few. I also dabble in writing, photography and singing. I have been an artist for what I like to call my whole life, though I started selling art my freshman year in high school. I really didn't start my artistic career until I was in college about 15 years ago. I started by displaying my work in every local gallery I could find and eventually got involved in assisting in creating local art walks for the community, this allowed me to network with other likeminded individuals. From the Art walks I moved on to becoming Director of the City of El Centro's and Mexicos binational agreements " House of Cultural Arts " located within the Old Post Office Pavilion.  My husband and I took on that project and volunteered to run it from 2016 - 2020, we created a total of 60 artistic programs, curated over 15 galleries and made countless presentations featuring local creatives ranging from no experience to experienced in art,  throughout those 4 years. I also opened up my first physical art studio in 2019 right before the Covid 19 Pandemic caused chaos and forced me to expand to an online presence . I instructed for free for the community for 6 months during the beginning of the pandemic via Distance learning (5 Painting Classes a day)  to assist with any mental health issued that would derive due to the initial stage of the pandemic. From their this website was born. I then moved to a newer studio which is now known as Unwind & Design Creative Studio / The Den.  From my studio I work as a commissioned artist, and instructor for 2 school districts, 3 schools and several known valley entities. I currently teach about 2,500 students a month, both in person and via distance learning. I also teach my own art programs from my physical studio or through my traveling studio.  My space serves as a hub for artists to be contracted for their talents so that they can earn a passive income in a community where artistic opportunities are scarce. We provide artist with a chance to network with other artists within our space and programs to expand each others artistic perspective, including my own. 

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