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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

There are some really interesting shapes within manmade vehicles. they will test your ability to draw with good perspective and proportion and the final result can be very satisfying. You don’t have to draw every intricate detail if you don’t want to - if time is short, just focus on getting the overall shape and shell correct, and maybe a few key features.

  1.  An old tractor from a low vantage point (simplify the engine block and focus on the shadows of that big tyre tread)

  2.  the front of a VW camper van or one of my favourites - the iconic VW Beetle

  3.  A wooden dinghy boat in a nice landscape (focus on the boat and just add a very sketchy line drawing for the backdrop)

  4.  A traditional red London bus (worried about perspective and straight lines - go deliberately wobbly with a pen)

  5.  the front of a classic Mercedes car

  6.  An old abandoned shipping boat on a beach shoreline (this is crying out for a quick sketch) or perhaps this one instead

  7. this classic moped in an Italian backstreet or this slightly simpler one (focus on basic geometric shapes - great practice for simplifying forms)

  8. A classic plane like this one or this one (I’ve never actually drawn a plane so I might have a go at that first one)

  9. or go for a modern fighter jet instead (great angle on this photo showing the detail of the undercarriage and landing gear)

  10. this subway train coming towards you (looks difficult and time consuming but you could use a charcoal or carbon pencil to add lots of the darks quickly - so the train is emerging out of very little detail around it)

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