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Interesting Objects to draw "Building & Urban Setting"

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

BUIlDINGS & URBAN Urban sketching is really in vogue right now. If you’re not confident enough to sketch outdoors, with the potential for many peering eyes over your shoulder, then start with reference photos. I like sketching old, characterful buildings and townscapes best. oh, and sketching urban scenes often involves drawing figures (which I know can be daunting to many). Here are some samples of images I hope you can use as samples.

1  A lighthouse like this (I did a sketch of something similar as a 10-minute exercise)

2  The Golden Gate Bridge (keep texture and detail to a minimum, focus more on blocks of value) or Brooklyn Bridge (here’s a fine liner pen version)

3  An interesting interior like this one, or this one, or this one, or this one (great for practising your vanishing points)

4  this traditional bicycle outside old doors (these would make a great simple pen sketch)

5 Or just an Old Wooden Door on its own

(look at those strong shadows - I see another nice pen. sketch here)

6  An old Andalusian street scene (focus on your perspective, keep the trees simple, no need for too much intricate detail on the tower)

7  An old house in 3-point perspective (3 point perspective means the verticals of the building are converging - they aren’t parallel to one another)

8  these window shutters and old lamp in strong sunlight

9  the face of the Statue of Liberty (potentially tricky but you can do it!)

10  A rustic café front such as this (here’s a 10-minute sketch with a style you could replicate)

11  A narrow street with very dramatic vantage point (great for practising your 3-point perspective)

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