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Interesting Objects "Hands & Feet"

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Hands and feet are great to sketch.they stretch your ability to re-create correct proportion and shape but without being as daunting as a full figure study. You’ll find studies below that are very simple, all the way up to complex hand poses. the best tip I can give you for sketching hands and feet is to stick to basic shapes first and then split those shapes up into individual fingers or toes.

2  Sneakers and feet from an unusual angle (add an impression of the reflection too)

3  A pair of hands on a steering wheel of a classic car (I love this one!)

4  A close up profile of man’s shoes (or have some take a similar shot of your foot)

5  A hand picking up a daisy (you could swap the dish for almost anything small)

6  A feet selfie such as this or take a selfie of your own feet, shoes on or off

7  A hand on a saxophone (do the hand in detail and keep the saxophone as a basic line drawing would make a great composition!)

8  this pair of feet on tip toes

9  Hand tying a tie or get someone take a photo of you tying your own tie or doing up a button on a blouse

10  A simple pair of feet on rocks (simple they may be but still a great sketching test)

11  A hand holding some cherry tomatoes (a terrific photo this!)

12  these legs and feet hanging out a car window (what a great subject this is - you could easily re-create your own version of this with your camera phone)

13  A close up of hands on a typewriter (use basic shapes to block in the hands at first and just give an impression of the typewriter)

15  these four feet hanging over a pool (great little sketchbook exercise this)

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