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Become one of our Studio Instructor 

Are you interested in becoming part of our team? Follow the steps below to join our artist family. 

 Click to print - Review - Turn it in & Meet with us to begin 

Step 1 - Please email us the following
*Your Artist Resume surrounding  your experience of the types of classes you want to provide at our studio. 
Professional / Semi Professional  self portraits of yourself 
* Art Portfolio with your work , any website or social media links are welcome as well.
* Short Intro Bio / Message 
    -  Tell us about yourself.  - What classes are you 
interested in teaching ?

Once Approved you will receive an email with the option to meet via online through zoom  or in person at our studio.
Also you will need to follow the steps below  and provide the following forms and credentials to begin your instructional journey at our studio. 

Step 2 - This packet explains what our mission is and contain a few forms we need turned in. 

Step 3 - We need you to fill out a W9 Form , Please print out and Bring with the form above.  

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