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Artist Alliance for Change is a dedicated nonprofit organization composed of passionate artists striving to create social, emotional, and mental change in our community through the transformative power of cultural arts. Collaborating with Unwind and Design Creative Studio / The Den, located in El Centro, we offer a wide range of artistic mediums and visual Arts like gardening , community outreach effecting at risk youth and underserved communities. 


Our mission is to use art to promote mental health, providing individuals with an opportunity to shift their focus from daily hardships and explore their creativity. By encouraging self-expression and expanding perspectives, we aim to help individuals see beyond their social constraints. Through community engagement, we support and advocate for social change, empowering people to discover their artistic potential and fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth.

Formerly known as the Imperial Valley Artist Collective, we evolved into Artist Alliance for Change after managing Casa de la Cultura in El Centro from 2016, on behalf of the Mexican consulate and the city.  This pivotal experience enriched our journey as artists, educators, and activists, strengthening our commitment to cultural arts 


Our partners Unwind and Design Creative Studio / The Den provides a comprehensive range of classes in cultural arts, fine arts, music, dance, and literature. Our studio is renowned for its inclusive environment, welcoming individuals of all ages—from pre-kindergarten children to senior citizens—and catering to people with disabilities, mental health conditions, and those on the spectrum.Our dedication to the community and our students is evident in our continuous efforts to inspire and nurture creativity in everyone we meet.


Through our collaborative studio, we remain committed to fostering a love for the arts and providing a space where creativity can thrive, making a lasting impact on our community.

Artist Alliance for Change is committed to using the arts as a vehicle for social transformation. We aim to build a more connected and vibrant community by encouraging creativity, collaboration, and cultural understanding. We partner with local schools, community organizations, and social programs to extend our reach and ensure that the benefits of artistic engagement are available to everyone.

Join us in our mission to create a positive impact through the arts and help build a more inclusive and creative community. Together, we can make a difference, one artistic endeavor at a time.

What we are up to

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