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Step into the vibrant world of The Den, where creativity knows no bounds! Our open mic nights are the beating heart of this haven for local artists, a place where voices, melodies, and stories come alive in a warm, homely embrace. We're all about celebrating the rich tapestry of talents within our community, fostering cultural enrichment through the arts, and providing a safe, comfortable space for individuals to express their innermost passions. It's a place where you can bare your soul through poetry, strum your heartstrings on a guitar, or share your deepest thoughts through spoken word. Come be part of the magic, as we illuminate the stage with your talent, and let your creative spirit soar in an atmosphere that's as fun as it is inspiring. The Den is not just a studio; it's a journey of self-expression, and we invite you to join us on this enchanting adventure!



Embrace the spotlight at The Den, where we're eagerly seeking musical maestros, stand-up comedians, and performers of all flavors to grace our intimate, underground stage. Our open mic nights are your canvas to craft your journey, a platform where you can not only fuel your artistic ambitions but also build your ever-evolving portfolio. There's no room for judgment here – just unwavering support, open arms, and cheers from fellow artists and enthusiasts. This space is your sanctuary, welcoming all those 18 and above who have something to express, be it through a strummed guitar, a clever joke, or a heartwarming melody. Join us every Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8 PM and let your creative spirit unfurl in our homely, hidden-gem environment. It's a bit underground, a bit mysterious, and a whole lot of magic waiting to happen – come, be part of the enchantment that is The Den. Your journey to artistic expression starts here.

Weekly Event 
First Come First Served
5 Vendor Limit
6 Live Artist Limit

If limit is met, you will be contacted to decide whether you would like to roll over amount too next weeks event, if you would like to apply  the amount to one of our other events, or if you would like a refund. Thank You!

Participation Form

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