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Intersting Objects

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

You can find lots of everyday things around the house to draw and you can turn even the most mundane object into something very interesting. That's the wonderful thing of art.

But sometimes you can do with something a bit out for he ordinary for a spark in your enthusiasm to create. Here are 10 items you won't typically find around the home, each taken in nice lighting tome shading and rendering more fun!

1  A pair of ballet shoes like these or like these (pretend you’re Edgar Degás for a day)

2  these old copper coffee pots or kettles or just one of them on its own (another good exercise for seeing value and creating form)

3  this old kerosene lamp or this similar one (another one I’d like to have a go at)

4 Some chess pieces like these (perfect for practising ‘turning of the form’ and more interesting than drawing geometric shapes like cylinders and cones!)

5  A human skull or this one with strong shadows (skull makes for great pen and ink drawings - here’s one I did for Arttutor)

6  this brown leather satchel (lovely textures to render here)

7  An old leather shoe with some lovely shadows

8  An old metal door handle with strong shadows or a rusty padlock like this or this one

9  A stack of very old books (great perspective exercise and a chance to render some very interesting patterns)

10  A classic Nikon camera

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