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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

No reference photos for this list - just everyday items you should be able to find and set up around your home.

Any item you choose from this list can be made much more interesting and dramatic with some simple lighting. just place said item in a darkened room (it doesn’t have to be pitch black by any means), then use an angle poise or desk lamp and light from one side. Play about with the position and angle until you get shadows that you like. take a photo and work from that or try drawing it from life!

1 A screwed up piece of paper (lined paper will add an extra level of interest and will help you create really believable folds) or a crumpled paper bag

A DIY or garden tool or tools

3  A teddy bear or doll

A glass bottle half full or a glass of water / soda / milk / Coffee (add a straw for extra interest)

A collection of art supplies or painting water jar (like paint tubes, brushes, pencils, metal sharper etc.)

8  A children’s toy (something geometric like a toy car rather than a soft toy)

9 choose any bedroom with a window. Sit as far from the window as possible but still directly facing it. Draw the wall of the room containing the window, including what you can see outside. make this sketch quite small so that it’s quite quick (i.e. draw the wall no more than 6 inches wide)

11  A bunch of keys. Sounds boring but actually, with some nice light and a mix or traditional mortice lock keys and a modern car key, this would make quite a nice study.

12  A crushed soda can (empty the can and stand on it lightly or it will become too creased and complicated) or half empty (slightly deformed) tube of toothpaste

13  Your unmade bed focusing on large creases and folds in the bedding and the shape of the recently- slept-on pillows 15 Your phone with your most used app open (and maybe a set of headphones if you use them) 16 Any hobby equipment that means something to you (set up a still life - it could be a golf club and ball with some tees, or knitting needles with your latest, unfinished knit and ball of wool, for example)

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